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==(A Falling Leaf)== ==(A Falling Leaf)==

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Beastly song. Every part was pretty good, like how the melody didn't over power the harmony or the undermelodies, how the balance felt perfect, how waves of sound would come in then slowly recede, how the drum balanced the loose rhythm with something more strict and methodical. Awesome song. Uhh what's the finishing cadence though? I can't tell if its deceptive or plagal, sounds more deceptive to me...

Btw, package this song into little bottles and label it awesomesauce and make an awesomesauce burger with it.

Buoy responds:

Heh I'm not too fond of this song anymore (I just hear flaws in it) but still, awesome.

I just faded the song out actually, but I think that would be a plagal cadence, IV to I. But it sounds weirder since it goes up. It's one of those things I'm dying to change but I can't edit the song anymore since it's too popular :P

==(Let's Get Meditational ==(Let's Get Meditational

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


It reminds me a little bit of Sim City 4 music at the start, really for the first 2/3 XD. I really like how you gradually build up to the main part of it, and it really is like relaxing after everything goes wrong. It's pretty nice, all of it just flows so smoothly. The best part is probably how you start it up.

With how you describe it, it is like meditating, cuz you just build up to bigger musical ideas, like you would bigger philosophical ones.

Buoy responds:

haha nice :D I remember playing Sim City 4 back when it was released, the music was pretty cool. Perhaps it influenced me while making this song like 6 years later

btw If you like this one you'll probably also enjoy the song I have called Perfect Morning

Thanks :D

==(Marine Debris)== ==(Marine Debris)==

Rated 3 / 5 stars

YAY!! Music theory spitting!

I'm in music theory right now, and my whole class loves to do the opposite of what my teacher is saying. Like my teacher hates the three chord, so we just use that all the time, so music theory spitting is pretttty beast to me.

Anyways! The song is... extremely weird. The overall sound kind of... disturbs me a little bit, which I guess was the point. But... listening to it for a while gave me a headache, and I don't know why, but it's not a good thing. Also, there was no melody apparent, and no harmonization. There was just a multitude of melodies competing, which is not what you want. And the sub bass is kind of like a hearing test. I enjoy the song more than most, but I don't think it's one of the greats on NG. Good work though.

Now off to listen to more of your stuff.

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Buoy responds:

Oh, cool, seeing the score I thought the review was going to be much harsher, but I really like your review, thanks :)

I don't think there really is more than one *melody* (which is the bassline)... and I don't think there's any competition. I tried to make everything sit well and give some space to every instrument.

What's a three chord by the way? Like a diminished chord? How can a music theory teacher hate that, it's such an essential part of music theory. But it's cool that you're using it, I love the sound of it

(TW) March of the Titans (TW) March of the Titans

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I wonder to myself why more people don't come to the audio portal. all of the stuff here is amazing, and yours stands out. This song was better than most, and I think that it just really emphasizes the saying "The rest is as loud as the note"
Very good

Timber-Wolf responds:

Hey thanks, I try hard to make great music for people to enjoy, and I love doing it. This track is an example of what you get when you pour your heart into music. Hopefully I can get signed in the near future so I can hold my girlfriend for the first time. Thanks all.

Circus to my Sanity Circus to my Sanity

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


I closed my eyes for a little bit while listening to this song, and I just pictured all these people, with all of these ridiculous costumes, and it just gets worse and worse as the song crescendos and the layers build. They just are riding in circles with camels and donkeys, and putting more and more on the animals. It was pretty weird, but the song is pretty awesome to speak such words with notes. Props.

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atmos929NG responds:

Whoa... that's awesome :P... I'm glad you liked it!

One Sided War, Two Sided Story One Sided War, Two Sided Story

Rated 4 / 5 stars

What's with first times?

Everyone who says this is their first NG submission always has something amazing. My big issue, though, is how loud the bass is. It kinda pulls from the piano part and the rest of the song, taking the semi-round tones and making the view of the song more harsh. If I were you, I would tweak with the volume of the different parts to lower the bass, raise the melody piano but lower it when the electronic-ish thing comes in, and try to harmonize the base a little better with the melody.
Great job though, this is very good.

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oddo323 responds:

Thanks for the first review! I see what you mean about the bass volume. I think I will change it. I just don't want to make the bass too quiet so that you can't actually hear it. I think I over compensated, though. By the way, the electronic thing is actually still the bass, just playing a lot higher up :P

EDIT: Reuploaded with quieter and slightly edited bassline.

A Path to the End A Path to the End

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


It is like life, the overall sense is beautiful, and it has a constant similarity all the way through. Some things in it never change, and some come back again when a new part starts.
The song was incredible, even more so if this is your first computer based song. It also satisfies one of my pet peeves (which is a strong melody.) I'm trying to have constructive criticism, but there is none to find. The beginning was smooth and edged you into the whole of the song, and the end was at a perfect place, not overstaying the welcome and it let you down slowly.
Well, not that I think of it, there wasn't a real climax to the song, but it was still amazing.
Make more!

Thomas-Orre responds:

I totally agree with your vision of life, but as for the climax, I don't really think there is one in life. That's why I chose not to make one in the song.
Thanks for the kind words, and for sure, there'll be more as soon as possible.

SundayAfternoonGaming SundayAfternoonGaming

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Wow, someone gave you a 1?

I look at this song, and the only vote is for a one. This song wasn't anything incredible or special. But it wasn't a horrible tune. It was something with a pulse and a semi-defined melody, which is better than a lot of stuff on here. You deserve better.

The songs beat was a bit too strong for my taste, but it's overall feel was enjoyable, it was complex in the best way you can make a song. Keep up the good work, and try to emphasize the melody a bit more for next time.

Rebel at the Reef Rebel at the Reef

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Pretty Nice

The audio quality is a bit low, and with drums, it isn't something you really try to do or want to have. As the song goes, the drums take the prominent part, so having them with low quality doesn't help with this song. It feels like too much is going on during the song to really feel close with it (best way I can put it)
I like the overall feel, but I think you need to take out one of the layers and bump up the quality of the drums.

Ragezero responds:

Thanks for the comment, I'll try to use this in following tracks, as I most likely will do more simulair tracks soon :)

[2113] The End [2113] The End

Rated 5 / 5 stars


It's just so... amazingly simple but beautiful. It's depressing, and weighty. It's something that is like no other song on NG or anywhere else. And the crispness of the piano playing the bass, with the guitar coming in... It's incredible.

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